Université de Montpellier

I propose and supervised some small projects for the M1 SSD HAX817X.


École Polytechnique – 2020-2022 – 63h total TD equivalent


Polytech'Nice in Sophia-Antipolis – 2014-2017 – 63h each year

As a Doctorant Contractuels Chargés d'Enseignement, I taught the practical work of student physics of integrated preparation from engineering school.

I supervised a dozen students for 3 hours on different physics labs: Stirling engine, diffraction, interference, capacitor charge discharge, optics, statistical physics.


Lecturer at Spectral Methods for Complex Systems winter school

I participated as a lecturer to the online Winter School "Spectral Methods for Complex Systems" (January 2019) where I give an interlocutory talk (videos and slides are available) about spectral analysis in finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems.

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